The best selling football shirts in the world (2015-2016)

Manchester United shirts are still the football shirts that rank #1 for most sold worldwide. The English club increased its sales by 40% in the 2015/2016 season, and player Anthony Martial had the most sold jersey, but with the arrival of Ibrahimovic, things could change.

Barcelona is second with an increase of 32% in sales last season, while Real Madrid increased their shirt sales with 11%. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the most popular shirt names and numbers.

This is the complete top 10:

1. Manchester United

Shirts sold 2015/16: 2,850,000
Manchester United top sold shirt

2. Barcelona

Shirts sold 2015/16: 2,290,000
Barcelona Top Sold Shirts

3. Real Madrid

Shirts sold 2015/16: 1,980,000
Real Madrid Top Sold Shirts

4. Chelsea

Shirts sold 2015/16: 1,650,000
Chelsea Top Sold Shirts

5. Bayern Munich

Shirts sold 2015/16: 1,500,000
Bayern Top Sold Shirts

6 Arsenal

Shirts sold 2015/16: 1,250,000
Arsenal Top Sold Shirts

7. Juventus

Shirts sold 2015/16: 850,000
Juventus Top Sold Shirts

8. Liverpool

Shirts sold 2015/16: 805,000
Liverpool Top Sold Shirts

9. PSG

Shirts sold 2015/16: 685,000
Paris Saint Germain Top Sold Shirts

10. Ac Milan

Shirts sold 2015/16: 650,000
AC Milan Top Sold Shirts

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